This log is about my adventures and experiments managing ibs (irritable bowel syndrome).


No changes of late. I have had a few requests for private info, and have obliged. I hope others can learn from this blog and from whatever answers I can give on a private basis.

I am regular, and maintain my adherence to exercise and probiotics, along with the specific carbohydrate diet. I am amazed at the fad of the Atkins diet, and how people re-interpret that to fit their own deisres. If one is to follow any diet, it should be done with a conscious effort toward maintaining balance.

So, while we follow the SCD, we try to balance intake of the various foods, always striving to have fresh fruits and veggies, as well as cooked, and not too much in the way of nuts, nut flours, or dairy (my husband eats dairy).



I have had requests to update this blog.

What can I say? I am doing fairly well for the moment. Over the past year I have had a couple of events, where my system backed up or refused to function regularly. As always, I tried to manage as best I could. Last winter I needed to clean out my system almost every day (enema) in order to get any movement. That was a two month span, and it seemed like forever.
Looking back, it was but a blip in my life. However, when in it, one becomes impatient and depressed. It is hard to endure when one has tasted regularity...

I think I figured out the cause. I had been feeling so well for the previous 6-8 months that I had been ingesting home-made yogurt. And Ice cream from the yogurt. And cheese. Get the pic? Too much dairy, and for me dairy is a serious no-no. It's more than lactose, it's casein too. That is my burden. SIGH.

I still maintain that exercise and probiotics keep me as healthy as anyone can be.

I still follow the SCD as strictly as possible. And with exception of little (1-2 day) upsets, I am doing quite well.


Just when I thought I was over it.

This week I have had headaches and a fussy fussy tummy. I am not thrilled about it but that is the combination of IBS and perimenopause. After three days of not being able to function, I am coming around, I think.

Tomorrow will be a test of sorts, to see if my intestines are truly back on a good track.
I'll keep you posted.

All things equal, if I have an upset once or twice a year for the next few years, I really cannot complain. Not after having spent decades under siege from my digestive tract.


While my issues with IBS are relatively tame at this point I must say that I can still do stupid things that my tummy hates. Yesterday, for example, I ate some prune butter. It is really sweet, just mushed prunes and citric acid. It is also very bad for a sensitive tummy. I paid for it big time. My tummy turned into a bubbling cauldron, then into a volcano. I spent the evening in the bathroom, exploding.

What a duffus.

You can bet I won't do that again.



This is my almost final blog to this site. I am over it. I will, however, be starting a new site in the near future.


I have few issues with the IBS - in fact I have almost no more issues with it. I have found my way. I have dug deep into myself. I have explored alternative medicine etcetera. I have experimented until I thought I was one very large guinea pig. And the results have been fabulous overall.

Really. Just check the archives.
I have been there. The story unfolded and now we are here.

Just where is here?
New subject = new blog. On to the trials of perimenopause. They say it can begin as early as 30, and that it definitely begins when you have your repro organs removed. Well, I am a bit older than 30 and still have all organs intact. I have never had children, and that does affect one's hormone balance over the long term.

I could go on and on. And I will. But not here. This is the IBSlog. It is not a place for discussion of women's hormones and reproductive system.

I guess I will post one more time to let you all know the name and location of my new blog. I haven't decided on a name yet, but as you can read, the theme is pretty clear. This is my journey through life; someday I will write only about the mundane. That day will come b/c I fully intend to get through the next phase as I did the last one - as a healthier person.

Oh, don't worry, this site and all archives will remain up. I might even contribute from time to time when I have some thing I want to discuss in this area.

Later, and thanks for reading.


Got my period today. It's not like the last one, which was exactly two weeks ago. That one was weird, old blood, none of the usual crampy feeling, etc. Also, immediately upon getting that one my hormones revved up, making my body ache and swell, etc.

So, what's with that? Was it a fake period? Is this the real one? It sure feels like a real one, with all the right stuff goin' on.

I'm so befuddled. These hormones got me comin' and goin'.

I bet it would be worse if I had the lousy diet I had back in NYC.

The last coupla three weeks have been real, what with backaches, weird period, swelling, hormonal fluxes and attendant other stuff.
I guess this is the journey I am on at present.
OK, then. Let's just enjoy the ride!

I know I will learn lots of stuff from this journey. And I can help others b/c I will have been there.


I am quite glad I reintroduced the Chaste Berry. Am feeling less cranky. Am still bloated and tender all over, but less so than a few days ago. What a journey!

Time magazine, Sep 2 issue, has a cover article about diet and health. The article is interesting in that it basically pits the carb camp against the fat camp. Which is better, low carbs or low fat?
I say a balanced diet is best, especially one that does not include refined anything or starchy foods, like potatoes, as a regular component. Oh, and sugar and caffeine, and non-organic meats.

Refined carbs, like flours and sugars, are bad for us, and the Time article does a decent job of explaining why.
Carbs are OK in their natural form, and in small quantities, but other than that they wreak havoc on the body's ability to process and convert to useful sugars - the sugars everything converts to so we may survive - resulting in overweight, disease-ridden humans.
As well, an overdose of fats and proteins can tip the balance toward heart problems, and eating too much in general will create an internal imbalance in which the body loses its ability to regulate food intake. In other words we lose the ability to stop eating when we should!

Pesticides are dangerous to our health and to our environment. Much has been written on this, in both peer-reviewed and public discussion forums. While the Times article doesn't really go into that discussion, the argument that natural and fiber-intact foods are best, and smaller quantities more healthy point toward that 'organic' type of eating habit. Why eat hormone-laden beef which is also much more fatty than free-range (and tastes much worse), when you can get the good stuff that is also better for you?
Same for fruits and veggies. Compare, for instance, an organic tomato with a pesticide tomato. The taste differential alone will convince you to buy organic (even if you don't care about the health aspect). Or a strawberry! Nevermind that strawberries (and cherries) are the most pesticide laden edible flora on the market. Never mind that they are also most prone to bacterial overgrowth b/c they are packed and shipped in indiscriminate manner by huge food producers. If you buy organic you are almost ensured the product is local. But nevermind that either. Do the taste test. Nine times out of nine, the organic strawberry has flavor! My taste test has proven to me that pesticide berries don't have any flavor. None, Nada, Niente.

Please don't take my word for it. Do your own taste test. And don't stop with these two. Try your own favorites. Go for a free-range chicken and you will remember the lovely delicate flavor from your childhood.


I am on a rant. I think I've said what I need to say for today.