a sustainable page for a sustainable planet

a sustainable                  submission to the            "5k contest" by mike at glassbird.com

on april 5, 2000,                 the earth's                    population will be approximately 

6,054,000,000.  with            one third                     of the world's population using 60%

of the earth's resources,    what can be done?                                               when

faced                       with limited                                               resources,

how                       will one allocate                                      those resources?

for                      example, how would one                                     allocate 5024                   

will one                  use up all the                                     resources available? 

will one                 use just enough to get by,                            just enough to get

the message              across?  will one leave                              more for later use? 

one solution            is the use of renewable                           natural resources, such

as solar,        wind,   and water. sustainable                           communities are another

answer. proper    use   of open space. should                                 mankind continually

mold the world      to his liking, even if                 entire species           of plants and

animals are            made extinct in the                process?  it     is        clear that a

country by            country approach is a               small step towards          a solution,

but what             conditions will need to              exist before               these quest-

ions are                 on the minds of every           person in the               world?  only

then will             solutions be implemented.         a quote in the           subway of madrid 

translates:           when you have felled the          last tree, when           you have killed

the last             animal, and when you have         polluted the last          river, you will

then realize        that money cannot be eaten.       if each of us takes       action, each day,

there may still    be time to make a difference.  reduce  our consumption.   reuse  materials and

energy sources.  recycle whenever possible.  ride a bicycle  to work.  walk a few blocks to  that

restaraunt for lunch. use public transportation. own fewer cars.  seek higher mileage on the cars

one purchases. use alternative fuel options. we still have options available to us on this planet