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This log tracks my regimen of attitude, exercise, stress management, and SCD foods. Since I started this regimen in 1997, I've been able to keep my Crohn's in a drug-free remission.


Even though I may have experimented beyond the SCD from time to time, one must remember that everyone is different. Follow the intro diet for 3-5 days, and stick with the SCD until you are completely symptom free for at least one year before experimenting.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008
The New York Times and Associated Press reported on February 25th that "Men as well as women need bone tests". For those who have been diagnosed with osteopenia, we've been told to increase load-bearing exercise and calcium intake. Some are even told to take Fosamax or other products to try to stem the loss of bone density. For those with IBD, this is typically due to having taken Prednisone, but in my case also because my body is skinnier than the "standard" for Americans of my age and height.

As part of their research The World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Metabolic Bone Diseases at the University of Sheffield (United Kingdom) has created an online "FRAX" tool that you can use to see what risk(s) you face in ten years.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!
It's a cloudy, windy day here in sunny Tucson, just right for some comfort food. I decided to make an oven-fried chicken for my first time. I modified the recipe from The Joy of Cooking, using all SCD-yogurt and no sour cream. I managed to lose hold of the SCD yogurt container and it fell on the floor but luckily only a little was lost!

Otherwise, the recipe is pretty much straight from the book. Delicious! Served with sauteed collard greens and steamed yellow squash, and a a nice glass of 2004 Mad Dogs & Englishmen (a dry red wine from the hot, parched region of Jumilla in the south of Spain).

Raman Prasad is at it again with another wonderful SCD book: Recipes for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Here's my short review:

"People following a restrictive diet often lament the loss of foods and flavors they love. Raman Prasad's subtle modifications of delicious recipes from around the globe bring international flavor and zest to your home's SCD kitchen. There is no passport required for this delicious quest for a healthy gut!"
--Mike Simons, Co-webmaster,


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