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A Regimen for Remission
This log tracks my regimen of attitude, exercise, stress management, and SCD foods. Since I started this regimen in 1997, I've been able to keep my Crohn's in a drug-free remission.


Even though I may have experimented beyond the SCD from time to time, one must remember that everyone is different. Follow the intro diet for 3-5 days, and stick with the SCD until you are completely symptom free for at least one year before experimenting.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009
Here's a quick update on "Flog": If you haven't already read the Read Me, please check it out. I have been fortunate that, combined with other critical success factors, the SCD plays a key role in my healing and ongoing quality of life. After 7+ years on the SCD and with no remaining symptoms, I started to experiment 'outside the box'. I don't encourage this for newbies or people who have any lingering symptoms. In my case, I am now able to eat the following on a typical workday:

Breakfast: fuji apple, a banana, SCD yogurt, toast of rye bread (last item is not SCD legal).

Lunch: "safeway primo taglio" ham and muenster on rye with tomato and lettuce (this bread is not SCD).

Dinner: something grilled, some cooked vegetable, some fresh vegetable. Completely SCD-legal.

At some point my Flog "archive" tool broke and I haven't been able to fix it. The Flog archives should go from 2000 - 2009. My entries were at just about every meal initially, then daily summary posts. Things got a bit repetitive and since 2006 or so I have posted less frequently.

To those of you about to embark on the SCD, I wish you the greatest success and encourage you to join one of the many email and online support groups that have formed in recent years. You can find an updated list in the Community section of

On a personal note, I am deep in research on my family free. I'm very interested in communicating with anyone with ancestors with or connecting to Simon surname originating from the Gensingen and Bingen area of Germany (intersection of Rhine and Nahe rivers, Gensingen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany).

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